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About Me

I am a qualified and Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and am registered with the ANLP. I am also a certified NLP4Kids Practitioner and a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist registered with the GHR, CHNC and The National Hypnotherapy Society. I have worked in the Financial sector (Barclays), Corporate sector (AXA) and in more recent years in Education.


I was first introduced to NLP and Hypnotherapy a few years ago by a friend who was in the process of training; they asked me to help them by being a case study. Having experienced first-hand other conventional therapies involving opening up and talking to a complete stranger who would have you dredge up the past and re-live it over and over. I found it was distressing, unpleasant and so long and drawn out not to mention expensive. You can imagine, I was somewhat sceptical to say the least however, I agreed to help.


I was so impressed with the results and outcome that I decided I wanted to learn more about the NLP and Hypnotherapy techniques I had experienced. I went on to study and train and in doing so learnt so much about myself in the process that I have eliminated many of my previous issues and am so much more calm, no longer plagued by periods of stress or personal doubts. Having gained control over how I react means I can manage my emotional state better and consequently the event or situation looks more straightforward to handle.


What I love about NLP is that it doesn’t require you to disclose intimate personal information nor dredge up the past. It takes the presenting issue or concern and moves you forward in a positive structured way that enables you to overcome whatever limitations you may have.


I have a real desire to support and help individuals on their journey in discovering their personal ability to transform all areas of their lives. The results are achieved by using a variety of techniques of which life coaching, strategy building, relationship and career development and overcoming phobias are just a few.


All the 1-1 sessions are tailored specifically to you and your personal requirements and is 100% confidential. I am governed and registered by The ANLP , GHR and CHNC who have a strict code of ethics and regulations.


To want to overcome whatever prevents you from realising your potential and taking that first step towards a more confident, whole and future focused you can be daunting. Let’s take the next few steps together. It may take a couple of sessions or more but you'll be pleased with the outcome.



About Me

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