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You have already taken the first step, yes, by looking into the support and therapy to overcome whatever challenge you're facing.


Let me tell you more.


Throughout our lives, every second, every minute of every day we are taking in information from our surroundings; using our senses of seeing, hearing, touching, taste, and smell.


If I asked you now to recall your favourite food, your mind retrieves this memory as an image that you see or the pleasant feeling that eating it brings; or perhaps the taste, smell or sound it makes. This coding, or order, depends on how you choose to encode it and then store it in your brain as a positive or negative association, experience or memory.










This therapy was created by the coming together of two great minds Richard Bandler and Milton Erickson. Their work founded and forms the basis of NLP today and the ongoing study of how the brain processes information and the powerful effect language patterns have on the brain.


Imagine taking a previously negative or limiting association/experience and changing how you perceive and think about it. You can recode it by changing and laying down new associations that no longer cause a negative reaction. That’s what NLP and Hypnotherapy can do for you.

The techniques used will enable you to make the breakthroughs in all areas of your life that you want to address. You can bring about the changes and create the future you desire.


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NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming in simple terms is:


  •Neuro = Brain

  •Linguistic = Language

  •Programming = the processing and encoding of sensory information.

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